Olivia tutored my son in GCSE Mathematics & Physics.  She was reliable, punctual and enthusiastic, qualities which I hope rub off on my son!  He achieved the grades he needed and is delighted.


~Jackie (Relieved parent)

Olivia taught me whole mechanics topics online that had not yet been covered in my A level Math's class which actually gave me a better understanding of the topic than those who had just learnt it later in class.
She explained things in a way that helped me understand the most complex questions and taught me tips and tricks on how to cut down my time in exams.
I wouldn’t have got the grade I got without her help.


Olivia helped me online with the Maths section of the SAT and after I got my place at the University of Wyoming as a tennis scholar, she helped me to brush up on things I’d forgotten and taught me some topics I’d not touched on so I'd go into university really prepared. I really appreciate all the help she gave me!



Olivia tutored me for a few months before my maths GCSE and I believe my final grade was at least two levels higher than it would have been without her support. Olivia has a full understanding of the syllabus, provides clear explanations and built my confidence through lots of practice questions.


Olivia helped me develop an interest in maths and improve my overall understanding which got me from a low 4 in maths to a 7 within 3 weeks. Consequently, I have taken it for A level and I am enjoying the challenge; I will continue to use her support in the years to come!


Olivia is hugely knowledgeable and great at demonstrating how and why the maths in question works. Whenever I asked about a topic I would soon know all I needed to for great grades. She tailored the tutoring sessions to suit all my strengths and weaknesses. Highly recommend.


Liv has just started tutoring our daughter in maths; she wasn’t confident in the subject and often went to pieces in exams resulting in a poor grade because she couldn’t remember anything. Liv has helped her work things out and taught her different ways to remember formulas as well as given our daughter confidence by giving her a head start on topics she hasn’t yet covered in class. Liv is very patient and encouraging; when our daughter doesn’t understand something, Liv will find alternative ways to explain it so it is easier for her to understand, so much so that our daughter has just moved up a maths group and the head of the maths department emailed us to say how pleased they were with the progress . We do our lesson online which is great and when liv is home we have lessons in person. We can’t recommend Liv enough; she really loves Maths and enjoys getting even the most reluctant of students to enjoy the subject too. 


I thought Olivia was really knowlegable across all areas of Maths and Physics. The way she explained topics made it easier for me to understand them and she was easy to get to know and alway friendly. On occasions where I was late she would be happy to work the extra half hour to make my session the full length. If I was stuck she would always find an alternative method that made more sense and she never saw anything as a setback.


Olivia was a massive help to me in my preparation for STEP 2 and 3. Her communication over email was always prompt and clear, and her marking not only saved me time but helped me improve my mathematical writing. She also made herself available for a zoom call the night before my STEP 3 exam, where I learnt practical exam tips from her own experiences!